I help sensitive creatives and entrepreneurs to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing

Are you spread too thin? Work with me to transform what is holding you back mentally and energetically, gain focus and get your business to the next level.

About me – Christin Endter

It is my mission to empower sensitive female creatives and entrepreneurs so that they become more successful and can improve their impact in the world.

I believe that the path to a more fulfilling life starts with self-knowledge. It is on the basis of more consciousness and an accurate sense of who we really are that we discover the life we were truly meant to lead – and improve our impact in the world.
When you're ready, I am very happy to be there for you with my coaching and counselling services. In the Sparks News and in my articles you will receive affirmative content as well as practical knowledge for more creativity, clarity and awareness in life.

CHRISTIN ENDTER - Holistic Business Coach and Author 

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Learn from my personal highs and lows. This is where I share what inspires and challenges me personally.

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"Every good coach has a good coach!" In the sessions with Christin I always had a feeling of being in good hands. After our coachings
I noticed for myself how strongly the discussed topics worked in me internally and how they resolved themselves.
We worked together while I was starting my coaching business - so I'm grateful to Christin for having me "sorted through" during this process. Through our joint work I have accelerated my personal growth process and was able to strengthen my well-being with her support.

Nicole HR Development and Coach

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